Double Irish Tasting from Irish Distillers, Pernod Ricard

In early July Jim received an e-mail from James Brown an Account Executive with Richmond Towers Communications, London asking if we would like to receive, taste and review two Single Pot Still Irish Whiskies, without a moments hesitation Jim replied with a resounding yes, a couple of days later the Whisky Boys received James’s package containing the two drams.

Due to work commitments and other duties it was not until early August when we managed do the well anticipated tasting. (if only we did not have to work, then what a full time job tasting and reviewing could be.) So just before Nicola jetted off to Malta with her family for a well deserved break, we sat down and tasted these two Irish drams.

Irish Distillers is a subsidiary of the French Drinks Company Pernod Ricard and it was acquired in 1988 in a friendly takeover. Irish Distillers Group was formed in 1966, when a merger took place between Irish Whiskey Distillers John Power & Son, John Jameson & Son and the Cork Distillery Company.

The Whiskies in their stable are:

Jameson Whiskey
Powers Whiskey
Paddy Whiskey
Redbreast Whiskey
Midleton Whiskey
Green Spot, a dram that is only for Michell & Son Wine Merchants

Irish Distillers also produce:-

Huzzar Vodka
Cork Dry Gin

Check out their website at and have a look at their full range of Whiskey or use our Whisky shop window below and purchase a few bottles for your own collection.

The first dram was:-

Powers John’s Lane Release – Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey – Alc/vol 46%, Aged 12 Years, Non-chill Filtered 70 cl

Named after the spiritual home of Power’s Whiskey, John’s Lane Dublin


Colour…A bright light copper

Nicola’s tasting

Nose…Quite a weak nose, but very malty.
Taste…Tongue tingling spice, a smooth dram, burnt toast, still loads of malt very light hint of sherry.
…Medium but not a lot of flavours left on the palate.

Score…2.5 Corks

Jim’s tasting

Nose…Mainly citrus notes, drinking chocolate, but not very strong aromas.
Taste…Smooth and malty, sweet honey and Dundee marmalade, the citrus flavours are getting stronger.
Finish…A medium finish, honey, but a hint of chocolate at the end.

Score…3 Corks

Overall Score 3 Corks

This was a nice wee dram but not a lot of strong aroma’s or flavours but very easy drinking Whiskey, the next time Jim is over in Ireland he will ensure he searches out this dram in the bars in Belfast and in Dublin.

Lets move on to the next Irish dram of the evening, this was:-

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy – Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey – Alc/vol 46% , No Age Statement, Non-chill Filtered 70 cl

Midleton’s master distiller Barry Crockett has been given the rare honour of having this bottle of Irish Whiskey named after him.

The tastingmidleton-barry-crockett-legacy-single-pot-still-irish-whiskey

Colour…Pale gold with a hint of ruby

Nicola’s tasting

Nose…Burnt orange rind, toffee and sherry, with a high note of aniseed.
Taste…Sweet and smooth, fresh peaches, a drizzle of spice.
Finish…Long and warming, a delight of a dram.

Score…3.5 Corks

Jim’s tasting

Nose…Pears and vanilla ice cream.
Taste…Ultra smooth, oakiness and sweet oranges and a lovely peppery nippiness.
Finish…Quite long the oak lingers on leaving you wanting to refill your glass.

Score…3.5 Corks

Overall Score 3.5 Corks

Now this is a great Irish dram and scores better on all fronts over the John’s Lane dram, this one has to be an Irish dram that is in everyone’s cabinet.   So if you are in a bar or restaurant and you see a bottle of Barry Crockett on the gantry, please, please have a good dram, you will love it and certainly not be disappointed.

So we have to finish with a BIG THANKS to James Brown for sending us up these drams, and if James is ever up in our neck of the woods, please give us a call and you will certainly be invited to a tasting with the Whisky Boys.

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