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Several years ago Nicola and I decided that we should have 4 or 5 bottles opened at any one time, just for us to taste and savour. As Nicola and I live approx 4 miles from each other, we needed a central hub so that we can taste and enjoy our Whisky Boys drams. As my house has been called Whisky Boys HQ and we have our grand whisky tasting cabin in the back garden, it was ideal to have the slab and the bottles at my house.

The result was that we got a nice rustic wooden slab and chose selected Whiskies to sit proudly on our new slab.

Over the years we have had tasted many special and unusual expressions, from the current slab, you can see the Glenfarclas Family Reserve £511.19s.0d is already opened. We do have another 3 bottles waiting to be opened when Nicola is next over at Whisky Boys HQ, these are a Glen Moray Chardonnay Barrels, Strathisla 12 Year Old (old bottle) and this year’s Glen Scotia’s Whisky Festival Bottling which is a 14 Year Old, Tawny Port Finish.

As the lockdown has eased a little I was able to invite Nicola, Scott, Carla, Alex and Loren over for Sunday dinner, this is when the Glenfarclas was opened and it did not disappoint, rich, toffee and sherry all in abundance a truly exceptional dram.

The drams wee chose for the slab are drams that are a bit different, we source them from auctions, special bottling’s and fill your own from many distilleries we visit each year. We also receive bottles from distilleries to review and publish on our website,  and on many occasions, they can be exceptional and subsequently reach our slab. 

The Whisky Boys have quite a collection of bottles that are jointly owned, many will be used for whisky tastings and a few might go to auction, but, more than often this is a source for replenishing the slab.

The slab resides at Whisky Boys HQ (Jims house) and I have to show great restraint not to have a dram from one of the slab bottles. The Whisky Boy rule is that we can only sip a dram from the slab when we are both there to enjoy and discuss a selected bottle.

Keep posted for updates on when we open the other bottles mentioned on the slab, Nicola is especially looking forward to discussing this years Glen Scotia festival bottling.

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  1. Viski says:

    Glen Moray is good. Nice and rich and well worth it’s price. One of the better Moray’s for me.

  1. July 17, 2020

    […] and I decided to buy a bottle each to be put on The Whisky Boys slab. Dean let Nicola taste 41.126 ‘MULLED CIDER WITH RYE’  a 13 year old Dailuaine […]

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