Rosebank – A New Beginning

One of Scotland’s best known Whisky Distilleries, Rosebank in Falkirk is now distilling and has filled cask number 001, a refill bourbon barrel.

This grand distillery was mothballed way back in 1993, now Ian Macleod Distillers have brought Rosebank back to life.

Rosebank Distillery started life by wine merchant James Rankin in 1840.

Canal operator British Waterways bought the site in 2002 and sold it to Ian Macleod in 2017, the same year in which they bought the ‘Rosebank’ trademark from Diageo.

On the horizon in 2024 the Distillery is expected to open to tourists.

The original stills, mash tuns and all other pieces of distilling equipment during the Christmas and New Year holidays in 2008/2009. Ian Macleod installed all new equipment made by the renowned coppersmith Forsyth of Rothes.

As the distillery is only about 5 miles from Whisky Boys HQ it was a joy to slowly watch Rosebank rise from the ashes.

I have a bottle of Rosebank 12 year old from the Flora and Fauna range. I also have a Whisky Angel filled with a 20 year old Rosebank which proudly shows a solid silver rose in the angel’s hands. This angel is one of only 25 ever made. This angel came from Angels’ Share Glass you can check out other angels and products at Angels Share Glass

I now cannot wait until 2024 to have a tour of this iconic distillery

Welcome back

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