Label 5 – Classic Black, Blended Scotch Whisky

Label 5, last year was the 8th best-selling Scotch worldwide, with approximately 30 million bottles sold globally. This brand is owned by the French company La Martiniquaise.

This award-winning blend is produced with a varied selection of Single Malts and grain Whiskies, one of the Single malts is from the Speyside distillery Glen Moray.

There is no age statement and it is bottled at 40% Alc/vol.

Label 5 is available in 100 countries but their main market is France. Here in Scotland, you can find it online and in some supermarkets. I managed to pick up a litre bottle in Morrison’s for only £20.00, I think this was a bit of a steal.

Let’s open the bottle and have a sip or two.

Label 5 – Classic Black, Blended Scotch Whisky, 40% Alc/vol 70cl/1 Litre

Colour…Light orange amber

Nose…A delicate nose, very light and fresh, freshly cut cooking apples, honey, vanilla, like putting your nose in a bag of broken biscuits, light spiciness. 

Taste…Earthy, there is a very slight touch of smoke, toffee, freshly mown grass, and a wee burst of citrus, so easy drinking requires just a teardrop of water, in comes some pears and those cooking apples, more honey and vanilla.

Finish…Short to medium finish, the earthiness and the light smoke together with the mown grass stay till the end.

Label 5 Classic Black is a delicate and fresh dram. It has a nice collection of flavours and is very well-balanced. A grand dram for the price. It would make a great choice for those summer day garden cocktails.

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