Whisky & Food Pairing at the Gherkin London

At the top of one of London’s newest landmark buildings is where you’ll find a group of Whisky and food enthusiasts tonight (Friday 5th Oct) .  Glenmorangie’s Signet Room is playing host to a Whisky and food pairing hosted by Joe McGirr of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and tonight we are all prepared to be blown away with some delicate food choices accompanied with a few truely delicious and unique Whiskies.  All food that was paired to the SMWS Whiskies was prepared and served by Searcys at the Gherkin.

After introductions, a few stories from Joe and much chat about the magnificent London building, now only known as the GHERKIN, we take our places and get ready for our senses to be entertained.

SMWS 26.71 | The Great Outdoors, was served with – ‘Cardigan bay’ smoked mussels, bread veloute, suckling belly
Nose: Kiwi fruits, gooseberries, shellfish, clam juice, saltyness, touch of celery, maybe celery salt, peppery scent lingering
Taste: Salted focaccia spread with crab paste, fresh olives, soap subs and warm dry air, linen closet possibly
Finish: Long, dry and salty – needed to lick my lips a few times…
SMWS 7.78 | French Patisserie in a Bluebell Wood, was served with – Pork terrine, pistachio, gribiche and pickles
Nose: Summer morning in a bakery – soft bread smells, morning rolls, fresh lavender, earl grey tea bags, fresh fruit salad sugar water
Taste: Banoffee pie, overripe cantelope melon, fudge ice cream, vanilla yoghurt, slight hind of a brandt snap biscuit
Finish: Medium and full of sugary wonder
SMWS 116.17 | Pinball Wizard in Japanese Tea House, was served with  – Roast halibut, American hard shell clams, yuzu sea vegetables
Nose: Sherry, Sherry, Sherry, hot winter wine, tea soaked prunes and figs, lasting floral note hanging heavyily at the end
Taste: Milk chocolate and winter spice, red full bodied wine, sultanas and dates, mily coffee and fondent centers
Finish: Long and fruity
SMWS 76.88 | Complex and Manly, was served with – Iberian pork shoulder, cauliflower and parsley gnocchi
Nose: Fat juicy red fruits, dark fruit gateux, high alcohol taste, syrupy, dusty and waxy
Taste: Oily and liquer like, heavy bourbon biscuits covered in white sugar granuals
Finish: Freshly cooked meat, heavy oiled, lingering on and on
SMWS 127.27 | A Viking Sucking Blackpool Rock, was served with –  Selection of Artisan cheeses from ‘Mons’
Nose: Oh this is a rubbery one, maybe a tyre forecourt, but deep and black flavours like treacle and licorice burst out from under, also unbelievably I can also detect a little ripe green fruits.
Taste: Smoked ham, sugar glaze, smokey sticky BBQ sauce, more rubbery notes, gym shoes, plastic garden chair
Finish: Lingering, hot and minty freshness – cleared the airways
SMWS 3.195 | Cigar Smoking Dragon, was served with – Chocolate cremeaux, orange and honeycomb
Nose: Exactly as it says, the dragon breathe was right on me, sweetly intense, honey smoke, drying, smoking jacket
Taste: Really made my eyes water (in a nice way) full on intense beach BBQ hosted by the dragon, faint hints of smoked kipper, condensed coffee with a creamy side.
: Bitter dark chocolate, with a burst of heat and smoke

The pairings were extremely well suited and a excellent experience was had by all.

My absolute favorite dram of the night was SMWS 7.78 | French Patisserie in a Bluebell Wood  – but the amazing location, mouth watering food and engaging company made this a night to remember.

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