Burns Night – Drams to Sip and Toast

Well, here we are, halfway through January and fast approaching the 25th.  For those who are not aware the 25th is the day we remember and celebrate the genius that was Rabbie Burns.   I have always acknowledged this day dining on the traditional haggis, tatties, and neeps whether at a formal dinner or dining at home.  It is a great Scottish meal and has to be accompanied by a dram, or a few drams.  I sometimes even splash some Whisky (a Whyte and Mackay blend will do very nicely) into my haggis prior to serving (it’s good to share, even if it is with a haggis). 

To set the mood I am planning to savour some exceptional Single Malt Scotch Whiskies.  I will most likely have a wee (well maybe not too wee)  Glen Moray Cider Cask as a pre dinner appetiser, I have a Kilchoman Loch Gruinart Single Malt to sip with dinner and a fantastic Ardbeg Wee Beastie to toast the man at the end of the meal. I think this gentleman merits a toast with a robust and hearty Islay dram.

Our meal will be to start Cock-a-Leekie soup, followed by the main event Haggis, neeps, and creamy mashed potatoes, if there is any room left we shall have Cranachan and maybe a wee Scottish cheese board with highland oatcakes. 

I am not aware of any other poet, or socialite that is celebrated in this way, and it is not only in Scotland this celebration is worldwide.   He wrote some fantastic songs and poems, which still have validity today.

It’s amazing that a simple Ayrshire ploughman, had such insight.  I wonder what dram Rabbie would be having if he were here now, whatever his choice I would be delighted to raise a glass with him.

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