Where do you get a Bargain?

Whilst sitting in my dining room post-festive period I was looking at all the delightful Whiskies I had been gifted and those I had purchased (a wee gift to me from Santa), it got me thinking of days gone past.  My memory as a child was that adults could only purchase alcohol from a Licensed Grocer.  It amuses me to think that in those days there were no supermarkets and it led me to think about how we now purchase alcohol, namely for Whisky. I have a fond memory of seeing queues of men outside Licensed Grocers waiting to buy their Whisky for the New Year celebrations.  Now it is a very different story, we have multiple options on how we buy alcohol. 

For me, being a canny Scot, I like to check out where the bargains are and from my experience, they come from various sources.  I have been fortunate enough to benefit from some great deals on Amazon Prime, I have found some superb supermarket offers not to mention the specialist end Whisky Auctions. My preferred auction is Scotch Whisky Auctions which are based in Glasgow, but there are other auction houses like McTears etc. Be very aware that if buying or selling from an auction house, you will incur charges, so before bidding or selling check out their commission rates.

For me, the best treat is when you trip across a supermarket that has decided to discontinue a specific Malt Whisky, if you are lucky you can pick up some phenomenal deals, but unfortunately, they never advertise them, so it gives us bargain hunters a real incentive to offer to do routine supermarket shopping.

 A Whisky my wife got for me at Christmas was the Kilchoman Loch Gruinart which was exclusively selected and bottled for Marks and Spencers. Jacqueline picked it up for £35 before Christmas which I thought for the quality of this Single Malt Whisky was great, but yesterday in Marks & Spencer (Dunblane) the same Whisky was £40, so this proves it is prudent to purchase when you see a reasonable deal being offered.

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