Ardmore Whisky – A Re-visit

It was suggested that we should re-visit some of our old friends, and this Ardmore Highland Single Malt falls into that category, so how has our palates changed over the past couple of years, lets find out.

Ardmore Whisky – Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Traditional Cask, Peated, 46% Alc/vol 70 cl.

Distilled at Ardmore Distillery, Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire.

This brand is owned Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc, who also own Laphroaig, and of course Teachers Highland Cream

This single malt is non-chill filtered and matured for a final period in small 19th century style “quarter casks”.

This dram is the only Single Malt to come from the Highland Region to use malted barley that has been dried over peat fires.

This distilleries output is mainly used in the blending of the smashing dram that is Teachers Highland Cream.

The Tasting.

Colour…Marmalade Jellyardmore-whisky

Jim’s Tasting

Nose…Hints of fruit, burnt butter toffee, a little bit of peaty smoke sneaking in.

Taste…I needed a gesture of water in this dram, a little peat but not as heavy as the Islay’s, smooth with spice and a little honey, quite a creamy dram.

Finish…Long, smooth and warming, an ideal after dinner dram.

Score…3.5 Corks

Nicola’s Tasting

Nose…Ginger fudge – lightly peated with earthy undertones.

Taste…Ginger still coming through, maybe old fashioned chocolate gingers, spicy and smokey/earthy tones from the peat.

Finish..Medium with spice and all things nice.

Score…3 Corks

Overall Score…3.5 Corks

Like all Whiskies they mature with age and we think that our palates have matured a little and certainly the way we taste and review a dram has changed in the past couple of years.

This was an excellent idea to re-visit an old friend and to see if we found any differences.

We think that our outlook to tasting is now much more professional and we do take our time in reviewing any drams.

Due to this idea of re-visiting Jim and Nicola are hopeing to repeat this at least once a month.

We have to say a BIG THANKS to Gemma Hood, a Junior Account Executive at Phipps PR in London, for making this re-visit suggestion.

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