Glenfiddich Explorers

Day One

Today we received a promised package from the team at Glenfiddich, and a grand box was inside, made of solid wood, but, also solid was the brass padlock with a 3 digit combination lock.

With the box came a timely email which explained that The Whisky Boys are only one of ten Bloggers worldwide to have received one of these very intriguing boxes.

Now for some more intrigue, we are to be given clues on each of the next four days that will at the end, result in us having the knowledge to find the blogger who has our combination enabling us to look inside at our treasure.

We have also been requested by the Glenfiddich Team to publish on our website the first clue :-

Clue Number 1…
Keep your eyes peeled for a blogger who is involved with Whisky 4 Movember.

Glenfiddich, you certainly have got us hook line and sinker, cannot wait for tomorrows clue.

p.s. the clue is correct there are no spelling mistakes.

Must pour myself a wee dram of, yes, you guessed it a wee Glenfiddich 15 Year Old, so, do dheagh shlàinte.

We shall update this post daily, so look out for Day Two.

Day Two

Well it is now day two and the team at Glenfiddich have given us clue number two :-

Clue 2…
Look out for a blog with 800 followers on Twitter

Glenfiddich have also told us that clue three will be sent to us later this afternoon, can’t wait…

One little point of disappointment, is that some other bloggers who received their PARCEL from Glenfiddich have not entered into the spirit of this unique event and have already opened their box, boo.

The Whisky Boys will be going the full distance with this event, and are enjoying every day and clue.

Bring on CLUE 3….

Day  two and a half.

True to their word, the team at Glenfiddich have sent us the third clue, and have promised more tomorrow.

Clue Number 3…
You’re on the hunt for a blogger who is passionate and spirited.

Well all here at The Whisky Boys are really enjoying this intriguing event and wish the team at Glenfiddich all the best for thinking this one up, well done.

Looking forward to tomorrows clue.

Day Three.

Here it is the final clue from the team at Glenfiddich, so lets hope someone will be able to work out all the clues and get the combination from the Whisky Boys to open their treasure chest.

Clue Number 4 …
Your mystery blogger is a real whisky guy.

The Whisky Boys are searching very hard for the blogger who has the clues that lead us to them so we can obtain the code for our casket.

We will let all our readers know in due course when we have got our code and opened our chest and let you into the secret contained within.

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