Winter Whisky Tasting in the Cabin

A few weeks ago we tasted a few drams in the Cabin with some of our Whisky friends, and I foolishly promised part two would be live the following week…. mmmmm.  Well better late than never (it has been a hectic few weeks) here is part two.  Same tasting group, (Robert Heeps, Neil Buchan, John Lamond and Paul McKendrick) different pics and different drams – tasting notes are below.


Crested 10 | 10 years old | 40% Vol
Nose: bramble bush, pva glue, cheap felt tip pens, school glue, yorkshire pudding, new tin / cardboard, new packages
Taste:  carboardy, dry, tinny, lemon fairy liquid, soapy bubbles, glue
Finish:  long dry, soapy, bubble bath

Macallan Gold | Unaged | 40% Vol
Nose:  leather, oaky, penny blacks, burnt toast, raisin tea loaf, tobacco, apple pie, green unripe fruit skins, lemons
Taste:  orange rind, burnt matches, marzipan, ginger, choc orange, christmas orange, vanilla, bitter
Finish:  sweet, medium, drying

SMWS  5.34 | 13 years old | 60.4% Vol (Auchentoshan)
Nose:  tablet, load citrus, 3 fruit marmalade, lime, talcum & chlorine, foam shrimps, pineapple cubes, crystalised sugar cubes, springtime flowers
Taste:  play dough, chilli, caramel berries, thick sauce, sugary marinade, treacle loaf, scone, glazed cherries, creme brulee
Finish:  Chilli chocolate

Johnnie Walker – Double Black | Unaged | 40% Vol
Nose:  popcorn, tattie crisps, new carpets, chargrilled gammon steaks, pub smoke, rubber bands
Taste:  aniseed, popcorn, fennel, almost an Islay, charred wood, licqorice, red licqorice
Finish:  sooty, long, smokey


A VERY surprising Johnnie Walker Double Black was thoroughly enjoyed, everyone agreed it was a stand out and totally unexpected.  SMWS’s 5.34 was a crazy unusual dram and lit up all our taste buds, the combo of the crystalised sugars and the citrus top notes made this dram a wee stoater…  The Macallan Gold was Christmas morning in a glass and the Crested Ten ….. well was a little too synthetic for me.

Good company and good drams, there is sure to be another tasting in the along shortly…



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