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The Whisky Tasting Cabin is Open

Over 4 years ago when Jim (Dad) and I ventured into the blogging world of Whisky we couldn’t have imagined we would have met, tasted and written about so much. It...

Spirits and the Spey 0

Spirits and the Spey

When was the last time you faced your fears head on… I would need to say last Wednesday (4th April)

Last Tuesday morning I was heading to the highland town of Newtonmore (in the snow) to participate in a jam packed three day open canoe and whisky trip down the River Spey. There were also a few other invited guests on the way, MissWhisky, Dr Andrew Forrester and Fiona Outdoors.

Glenfiddich Explorers 0

Glenfiddich Explorers

Today we received a promised package from the team at Glenfiddich, and a grand box was inside, made of solid wood, but, also solid was the brass padlock with a 3 digit combination lock.