Speyburn Whisky – Speyburn “Bradan Orach” Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Speyburn Whisky – Speyburn “Bradan Orach” Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 40% Alc/vol

Wednesday 28th July 2010 and Nicola has just popped in, so there was nothing else to do but open a wee bottle and have an impromptu tasting.

This dram has no-age-statement and “Bradan Orach” is Gaelic for Golden Salmon.

This little Whisky is not well known in the UK but Speyburn is the sixth most popular single malt in the USA.

Almost 80% of Speyburn production is shipped away to be filled at Inver House’s headquarters at Airdrie, the remaining spirit is filled into cask and stored in one of two warehouses for single malt use.

Speyburn Distillery,speyburn-whisky-and-box
AB38 7AG

telephone, 01340 831213

website, www.speyburn.com

Owners, Inver House Distillers

Check out this website for the history of Speyburn together with an online Distillery Tour.

The tasting.

Colour…Orangey brass.

Nicola’s Tasting

Nose…Fresh clothes on the line, citrus fruit, almost not distinguished as a Whisky, quite wine like.
Taste…Cherry, fruity and fresh, mellow but nothing complex.
Finish…Short and satisfying definitely worth another glass.

Score…2.5 corks

Jim’s Tastingwhisky-boy-jim-tastes-speyburn-whisky

Nose…Very fresh and floral, a big whiff of sweetness.
Taste…Smooth and mellow, a little malty, fruit and heather, but not too much happening in my glass.
Finish…Short to medium finish, leaves a little tingle on the sides of your tongue.

Score…2.5 corks

Overall score… 2.5 corks

Quite a pleasant dram and would work very well as an aperitif. Both Nicola and Jim could not find any complexity in this dram but that is not to say we did not enjoy it, we found it to be an everyday malt and does work well with some ice, for a long drink on a balmy summer evening.

This bottle of Bradan Orach is not easily available in your local supermarket but you can obtain one form your specialist shop and certainly on-line.

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