Whisky Tasting – Kuchh Nai De Luxe Blended Scotch Whisky

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Whisky Tasting – Kuchh Nai De Luxe Blended Scotch Whisky 70cl 40% Alc/vol

This is one of our strangest Whiskies so far.

Bunty as he is know to the Whisky Boys is the owner of Cafe Spice, one of the finest Indian Restaurants in Central Scotland, situated in Cumbernauld’s town centre (32 Ettrick Walk Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 1NE. telephone 01236 458 766 ) and would recommend all our readers at one time or another, to make a visit and enjoy a fabulous meal. Bunty is also a Whisky lover and does have a few good drams on his restaurant’s gantry.

So to get back to Kuchh Nai, while Nicola was up at Cafe Spice enjoying an early evening meal, and as usual, Bunty came over to the table and had a wee chat, and on this occasion told Nicola that he had bought two bottles of this blended Scotch, one for his Gantry and the other to be given to the Whisky Boys for a tasting and review for their website.

Kuchh Nai, in the Indian language means “Nothing”.kuch-nai-whisky

Nicola soon hot footed it down to Jim’s and Dougie came round for this tasting.

Blended and Bottled in Scotland

Kuchh Nai Marketing,
Lion House,
Bridge Road,
Middlesex UB2 4AB

telephone 020 8893 6000
website www.kuchhnai.com

The tasting.

Colour…Antique pine

Nicola’s tasting

Nose…Creamy sweet with hints of vanilla.

Taste…Mmmm, very strange, short and sweet, nothing happening in this blend, quite non-descript.

Finish…Short and gone.

Score…1.5 corks

Jim’s tasting

Nose…Caramel disappearing quickly, a slight hint of vanilla, and a wee bit of dried fruit.

Taste…Requires no or very little water, even so, although smooth it is quite weak with no complexity.

Finish…Ever so short and not too inspiring.

Score…1.5 corks

Dougie’s tasting

Nose…Initial caramel nose, evaporating off quickly, this leaves a slight dried fruit/solvent aroma.

Taste…Once again, dried fruit and solvent with a salty bitter taste.

Finish…Short and salty.

Score…1.5 corks

Overall score…1.5 corks

Well that was over quite quickly, we all agreed that this dram was not too inspiring and lacked complexity, maybe we are used to some powerful complex drams that our palate is always on the lookout for something different or interesting, if so, then this tot does neither.

If any of our readers come across this dram in a restaurant or bar do ask for a nip, it is worth having a taste, and if you manage to do that, then let the Whisky Boys know your thoughts and comments.

We will finish with giving Bunty a BIG THANK YOU for the bottle to taste and look  forward to our nice great meal and a dram from  your gantry.


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17 Responses

  1. Pravin says:

    I would like to know where I can find “KUCHH NAI” in India?

  2. Khushi says:

    can I get this in any duty free like Dubai or in the US pl let me know

  3. ajay jindal says:

    I would like to know where I can find “KUCHH NAI” in India? and price.

  4. kamakshi says:

    I was hoping if you could tell me where can I get kuch nai scotch in london.

  5. Jim says:

    Hi Kamakshi, if you check out The Whisky Exchange on line they will send you one with in a day or two, hope you enjoy your Scotch.



  6. vipul says:

    what is the meaning of “kuchh nai” here???

  7. RAHUL DHAWAN says:


    I am Rahul Dhawan from India, can you tell me from where i will get the ‘Kuchh Nai’ brand Whisky


    Rahul Dhawan
    (m) 98880 20690

  8. pankaj says:

    can we have some people for maketing this brand in our hotel……

  9. pankaj says:

    can we have some people for marketing this brand in our hotel……

  10. Smriti says:

    I would like to know where I can find “KUCHH NAI” in India?

  11. Ronit Roy says:

    You can but this from DWARKA SECTOR 12, NEW DELHI….

  12. Win Casey says:

    I got a bottle in Bombay, yesterday at R.1800. Am googling and learning about Kuchh Nai Scotch. Will shelve it in the bar for now.

  13. Whiskey Lvr says:

    I went to my local store looking for my typical Black Bush and they were out. I spied Kuch Nai and saw that it was a reasonable $25 canadian. I agree with the original tasting notes above. There was nothing spectacular about the whiskey, but found it to be pleasant and too easy to consume. Between say Tullamore Dew and Kuchh Nai, I would probably choose Kuch Nai and find them both comparable in taste and quality, but enjoy the malty goodness that is found in Kuchh Nai. So if your looking for a quick decent dram this is the one for you.

  14. Natasha says:

    Kuchh Nai is available in Mumbai at all major retail outlets and 5star hotels Retail price is Rs.1900.

    Pankaj which hotel do u work for?

  15. Jeff says:

    Just tried the whisky myself. Overly uninspiring with an oddly overpowering alcohol taste that seems more like a cheap vodka that scotch. For the inexpensive blend price point I’ll take something like Ballentines any day. This is simply swill to get drunk on. Don’t bother chasing it down in India or anywhere else.

  16. Amritpal Singh says:

    can i get kuchh nai in punjab

  17. Balbir gill says:

    Where can I buy kuchhnai in Sacramento calif usa

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