Penderyn Whisky – Double Welsh Whisky Tasting

Welsh Whisky Tasting from Penderyn, The Sherrywood and The Peated.

Well our friends at Penderyn Distillery sent us two small sample bottles of their Sherrywood and their Peated expressions, and follows, are Jim and Nicola’s tasting notes.

Penderyn Distillery
CF44 9JW
telephone 01685 813300
Owners. The Welsh Whisky Company

This is the Whisky Boys second voyage into the world of Welsh Whisky, the first being the Madeira Finished which was a joy to taste, see our tasting notes.

On this occasion we received two small sample bottles one being the Sherrywood and the other Peated.
As most of our readers know Nicola is not a lover of peated/smokey Whisky so the choice of who tastes what was an easy one. Although we each did have a sip of the other.

The tastings.

Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky, Sherrywood Finished Non chill-filtered 46% Alc/vol.Bottled June 08welsh-whisky-penderyn-single-malt-sherrywood-finished

Colour…Country oak

Nicola’s tasting

Nose…Fruit and vanilla high on the nose, gorgeous aroma, cant wait to taste.
Taste…Well worth the wait, spice and dark fruits working well together , very fresh and smooth. Beats the Madeira finish, hands down.
Finish…Delightfully long, a treasure.

Overall Score…3.5 corks

Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky, Peated Non chill-filtered 46% Alc/vol.Bottled September 09

Colour…Pale yellow gold.welsh-whisky-penderyn-single-malt-peated1

Jim’s tasting

Nose…The peat is hiding and only showing ever so little, but there is something else there.
Taste…A little harsh and oily, an oaty/barley chocolate biscuit, a little vanilla, but almost no peat coming through.
Finish…Not too long, and I feel there is not a lot going on in this dram.

Overall Score…1.5 corks

Well you would have thought that these drams came from different distilleries, Jim was very disappointed in the Peated and even Nicola used the word ‘unpleasant’ when she took a sip.
Now Nicola’s Sherrywood was a completely different story, Nicola loved it and will be looking out for a bottle to purchase for her cabinet, and Jim had a wee taste and agreed with all the praise she ladled on to this fabulous Sherrywood dram.

We were at a loss to understand how Penderyn produced one outstanding Single Malt and not have the same quality in the other.

So guys and gals if you are shopping in your specialist Whisky shop look out for the Sherrywood and buy a bottle you will not be disappointed, if you are finding it hard to locate one try on-line or indeed go to the Penderyn site and buy via their shop.

Remember to tell them The Whisky Boys sent you.

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