Black Bottle Fine Old Scotch Whisky Original Blend

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Gordon Graham & Company,
G74 5BU

As Dewar’s 12 Year Old Special Reserve is Dougie’s favourite blend this one is Jim’s.

This very rich and elegant blend which takes in a single malt from each of the seven Islay Distilleries plus a particular choice selection of grain Whiskies. What a marriage has been made here, certainly one with no divorce in site, till death do they part.

The website they have is very good, it takes you way back to 1800 and brings you right up to date with their full history, plus tasting notes and one/two competitions to enter and win the odd bottle and t shirts etc.

Not if, but when you all visit Islay then you must visit Bunnahabhain Distillery where you can find all the merchandise for Black Bottle and learn from the staff at this fabulous and beautiful distillery all you need to know about Black Bottle and Bunnahabhain Whiskies.

Jim was last there at the Islay Whisky and Music Festival in May 2007 (going back this May 2009). The hospitality that was provided by the owners and staff at this distillery we found hard to beat on that festival week. They had oysters with a Bunnahabhain Mist magicians for the children, tasting and boat trips out into the Sound and that is just the tip of the iceberg on that day, not to be forgotten well done guys and gals.

This blend is available in almost all the supermarkets and just the other week Asda or was it Tesco that were selling a 70cl bottle for a little over £10.00, now that is a good deal, if you see it buy it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

When we have our Burns Night over a Dougies a week on Saturday I can assure you that Jim and Dougie’s favourite blends will be in evidence for sure.

We shall give this blend a tasting in the very near future and I can assure all it will not disappoint, looking forward to an official tasting and report on this one.

Many have tried to capture the true essence of Islay by blending one or more of their fine malts together with some exceptional grain Whiskies but many have not done as great a job as Gordon Graham, they have captured it, caged it and then put it in a bottle well done, we love it.

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