Bunnahabhain Whisky with Oysters

Bunnahabhain Whisky with Oysters


Recipe Preparation:-

  • First go to your nearest B&Q Superstore or your local garden centre, purchase a plastic spray container for spraying indoor plants. (when you get home clean it and rinse out with fresh cold water)
  • Go to the best fishmonger you know and purchase many, many fresh oysters
  • If on the off chance you don’t have a bottle of Bunnahabhain Whisky (then go buy one)

Now for the best bit

  • Spread your ice over a large platter
  • Open your oysters (be careful some will be difficult)
  • After opening the oyster clean out any grit and remove the skirt, detach the oyster meat from the shell and leave in the half shell together with any juices
  • Place the half shells containing the oyster on your bed of ice
  • Open your bottle of Bunnahabhain (taste if you wish to make sure its okay, you cant be too careful)
  • Pour a large measure of the golden nectar into the spray bottle
  • With you and your guests lifting an oyster from the platter hold the oyster up to shoulder level eyeing its beauty then with the other hand lift the spray containing the Islay Malt and spray the oyster with a fine mist of Bunnahabhain
  • Devour oyster
  • Repeat until all oysters are gone

note:- This is how I enjoyed oysters on the pier at Bunnahabhain Distillery, Islay – May 2007
Will be doing the same, May 2009 (Islay Whisky and Music festival)

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