Jameson Whiskey – Irish Whiskey

Jameson Whiskey – Irish Whiskey

Today 30th October 2008 I found myself at a loose end, what should I do? I have half an hour to spare .
Then it hit me, dig out that bottle of Jameson Whiskey and pour yourself a wee dram and put some of your thoughts on Whisky Boys.

Loosened the screw top which allowed me to enter the world of Irish Whiskey, poured a generous dram (is there any other type) and conjugated over this deep amber spirit, which lightened after my usual splash of water.

My nose told me of mellow scent with tones of slightly charred wood shavings, then came my usual best bit a wee taste, it did not really disappoint (I am so pro Scotch).

It was fairly smooth and nutty but with the hint of burnt wood.  The taste does not linger too long on the palate it slowly subsides leaving a warm pleasant feeling.  Its Irish not Scotch, for my taste and patriotism most Scotch’s beat this Whiskey on all fronts, but that is not to say that it is any way a poor dram, there are a few Scotch’s (I hate to say this) are not as interesting as this dram.

When I visit Ireland and sit with my pint of Guinness and a wee dram, then it may well be a Jameson.

Jameson’s Distillery is situated in Dublin and was first founded in 1780  by John Jameson and his family motto appears on every bottle “Sine Metu” which means Without Fear.

Around 1975 Irish distillers opened their new distillery in Co Cork in a place called Midleton . It is hear where Jameson’s Whiskies are distilled , the first time in 200 years not to be distilled in Dublin.

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