Lindores – The Exclusive Cask

Distilling at the Abbey was as early as 1494, on saying that, it was probably happening long before that.

Lindores Abbey (Church by the Water) was established in 1191 by David Earl of Huntingdon the brother of King William the first.

The  Benedictine monks that arrived at the Abbey from the Scottish borders were charged to build and live in the Abbey.

This particular single-cask bottling was bottled for the 2022 Fife Whisky Festival by Luvians Bottle Shop based in St Andrews. This bottling was limited to only 168 bottles.

Bottled at cask strength with no chill filtration and no colouring.

This grand distillery has a shop and visitor centre, a selection of tours are also available if pre-ordered, and food can be made to order.

Based in Newburgh, Fife on the banks of the Tay Estuary.

Let’s open the bottle and have a taste.

Lindores The Exclusive Cask – Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 60.0% Alc/vol 70cl

Colour…Polished pine

Nose…A bouquet of fruity sweetness, dried flowers, and a strong tropical edge.

Taste…In comes some herbs and spices, ginger and vanilla, smooth and rounded, adding a teardrop of water it was like a warm embrace and a tender sweet kiss.

Finish…Medium to long finish, ginger, and the fruity sweetness lingered longest.

A very fine dram, after tasting this dram the Lindores Abbey Distillery is now high on my list of distillery visits.

Check out their website ( for all the details and to check out their Whisky and tours.

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