Whyte & Mackay Blended Scotch Whisky Triple Matured

Whilst sitting in my cosy lounge on a cold February evening there was only one thing required to make this experience ideal and that was to have a little dram.  As I went for my default dram I poured a Whyte & Mackay.  My wife asked what is it about Whyte & Mackay that you like so much over the other blends.  This got me thinking, what is it I really like about this blended dram, why do I prefer it over the other supermarket blends?  Well here I go to try and explain:

The River Clyde and Glasgow is the home of Whyte & Mackay Blended Scotch Whisky. James Whyte and Charles Mackay provided the hard-working residents of Glasgow with a superior blend and Whyte & Mackay was created.

The master blenders chose the finest aged single malts and aged grain Whiskies from the Highland and Speyside regions. The third maturation is the marrying of these two Whiskies in sherry casks. This provides the Whisky with a rich colour. A rounded, smooth nose and flavour.

If you go into any supermarkets the choice of blends is dominated by Whyte & Mackay, Famous Grouse, Grants and Bells together with their own branded blends. For me, there is nothing to touch Whyte & Mackay Triple Matured Blend. So easy to drink with an outstanding smooth flavour and is ideal to use in Whisky cocktails, with my favourite being an Old Fashioned.

Let’s check out my tasting notes.

Whyte & Mackay – Blended Scotch Whisky, Triple Matured, 40% Alc/vol 70 cl

Colour…Dark copper.

Nose…Vanilla and toffee, raisins, hints of rich sherry, easy on the nose without being overpowering.

Taste…Smooth, more vanilla, dried fruits, a puff of white pepper, adding a teardrop of water makes it even smoother and richer,  a delight for the palate.

Finish…Longer than I had expected, the sweetness is in charge of the finish.

I have found that this dram is exceptional in flavour and consistency, priced at only £14.00 for 70 cl and £20.00 for the Litre bottle. When I visit the supermarkets this is the blend I go straight for.

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