Whisky Challenge

Whisky Boy’s Challengewhisky-mac1

I have decided that it is about time that I threw the gauntlet down and I am making a request that the Whisky Boys find me something Whiskyish for my garden. Now I am not talking about a couple of old empty bottles, discarded corks or even some half casks. There is a hybrid tea rose called Whisky Mac which tends to be a golden apricot in colour (very pretty). So “Boy” why don’t the Whisky Boys find me a couple of Whisky Mac Rose bushes and we can call them Jim and Dougie and watch them flourish. I am quite prepared to nurture these bushes, feed them manure and prune with great delight.

So I await, with anticipation in the hope that the Boy’s will come up trumps, and surprise me with a couple of Whisky Mac’s.

The challenge has been set down.


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