Glenmorangie – A midwinter night’s dram

Glenmorangie - A Midwinter Night's DramI’ve just returned from 8 exhausting, but fun days in America, where I enjoyed a little bit of business and a little bit of pleasure.  During those 8 days I feasted on a great selection of old, new, robust and safe bourbons, leaving me feeling like a beginner to Scotch again.  I’m currently working hard to rid my nose and palette of the sweet sensations of mashed, distilled and matured corn, rye and wheat, and get back to the savoury, sometimes smoky notes of our own Scotch.

So Glenmorangie’s newest member of the family it is, can’t think of a better Scotch to whet the whistle with. And after a mini detox I’m now ready to immerse myself back in my home lands traditional water of life.

Glenmorangie’s A winter night’s dram 43% abv, exclusively available at Sainbury’s – conjures up images and aromas if a frosty crisp evening, snow lightly falling and maybe the distant waft of a few logs burning on open fireplaces… lets see if that’s the case:

Nose:  Squirrel’s delight, crushed nuts rolled in caramel, fresh vanilla pods & toasted crumpets with a smattering of marmalade
Taste: Exceptionally easy in the mouth, laced with Cadbury’s caramel, turning to a little ginger nut, dry feel and medium rich wood notes
Finish: Short to medium, the ginger lingers.

Retailing at a modest £40 did I think this is worth the spend, in this already  jam packed price bracket? Well, yeah, it is worth the price tag and unmistakably Glenmorangie, so if you are a fan then this is for you.  It is slightly deeper than the Original and as they say more suited for the Glenmo drinker thru the winter months 😉 it’s a winner for me.

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew Mackintosh says:

    Bought this at Morrisons for £28.00, what a bargain, after reading your review, looking forward to a few chilly winter nights.

  2. John says:

    I got the same bargain at £28 at Morrisons sadly all gone so will hang on to mine. I bought 2 Drank one lovely.

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