Cutty Sark Whisky – Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Cutty Sark  Whisky – Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 40% vol.

You who read our web site will have noticed that we had this Whisky as our Supermarket best buy reduced from £20.99 to £11.00 in our nearby Sainsbury’s.

At the time this looked a great buy, shortly after buying a couple of bottles Dougie invited Jim round for a game of pool in his bar. Without a second thought Jim was round there.

Dougie, as usual had some interesting beers on hand and we duly shared one or two, then Dougie suggested we open a bottle of the Cutty Sark Blended Malt, Jim again without a seconds hesitation fully agreed, and the bottle was opened.

Well, we both were very disappointed in this dram, it lacked everything in which we thought it might hold, it was just very ordinary. But this was not a proper tasting in our eyes but we had a good night and thought no more of it.

So last Sunday the Whisky Boys decided to be fair to the Blended Malt from Cutty Sark and give it a true and proper tasting. With our table holding only the Whisky in question some water, our tasting glasses our note book and one or two renowned Whisky books for reference.

The tasting

The colour was a deep amber

The nose:- held a caramel oiliness, but with a splash of water it gave of a slight whiff of smoke over vanilla.

Taste:- A touch of smoke , full bodied spiciness, followed by a cooking apple dryness.

Finishing with a long prickly aftertaste.

Conclusions:- This dram turned out to be a lot better than we first thought and tasted, but, there is a big but, at only £11.00 it is a very good buy. At £21.99 its original price there is at this price a lot better out there.

Therefore, this shows that at most times you will only get what you pay for.

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  1. Greg Restivo says:

    Through the years Cutty Sark’s flavour has changed , it’s not my imagination !! Why ?? I have always been a fan ….. also noticeable the label has changed to read” Scotch whisky “ instead of “Scots whisky” why ??

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