Edradour Whisky – 10 Year Old Highland Single Malt, The Distillery Edition

Mainly available from specialist Whisky shops.

Edradour Whisky – 10 year Old Highland Single Malt, The Distillery Edition.

This dram comes from the smallest distillery in Scotland nestling up in the glens and hills of Perthshire just above Pitlochry.

This distillery only produces small quantities of Whisky (what they produce in a year, many other larger distilleries may produce in a week or less).

The tasting was carried out in Dougies front lounge where we had all our accouterments laid out (two glasses and a jug of slightly chilled water), This malt has a nice rich golden colour, which paled when we introduced it to some water.

:- the nose was butterscotch turning more vanillaish with the addition of water. The taste was sweet yet peaty with a full bodied astringency. The overly dry finish of this dram was not to Dougies palate.

– the nose was of dried fruits. The taste had a malty fruitiness to it. The finish had a slightly creamy dryness to it.

The outcome of this tasting is that it was not, remarkable, the dram was okay, we found nothing to show it could be in our thoughts, a great malt, however, there are many other malts out there that a far nicer.

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