Welcome to Whisky Boys Part Two

It has been almost 2 months since Jim, Dougie and Nicola set up this fantastic web site, we hope all our readers are enjoying our little exploits and tastings.

Tastings are one of our favourite parts, this usually consists of the three of us (well at the very least Jim and Dougie) meeting up and agreeing what Whisky is going to endure our comments.

On the table we will have the unopened bottle together with three tasting glasses, some bottled still water, a Whisky water jug full of slightly chilled Scottish tap water, a further three ordinary glasses to be used to cleanse our pallet if two or more tastings are going on, a few details on the distillery we are featuring, we also have some pieces of dark chocolate and some thin oat cakes, then we are ready to attack.

It is good to have Nicola’s input as she is basically a Whisky virgin. Jim and Dougies descriptions of the nose, the taste , colour etc. are all ours we do hope that our descriptions may agree with yours. if not, that is what good Scotch is all about, no two people will taste the same flavours and no two Whiskies are identical. (thank goodness).

We sometimes wish that we were retired or won the lottery so that we could attach more of our time to that legend that is Scotch Whisky. But we have to work to make a living so its the weekends when we spend our time in discussions about the amber nectar.

So little time so many tastings to be done, its the Whisky Boys duty to carry on this work no matter the mountains that have to be climbed the rivers that have to be forged, we will not fail you just give us the time and we will maybe taste them all. (we wish, we really do)

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