SMWS Non Members Tasting at The Good Spirits Co

This very rare SMWS non-members whisky tasting event was held at the Good Spirits Co. last night (8th Nov).

With a packed tasting room and all five drams poured we were ready.

The five single malt, single casks were selected to show off what the Society has to offer, hopefully enticing a few potential new members.  There was a dram from each Scottish Whisky region, enabling the Society to showcase the diverseness of their ever changing range.

The Drams

Capering on the Riverbank, 50.48 (Bladnoch) 54.6% Aged 18YO:
Nose: Dry ginger, lemons, honied candy, vanilla pods, desiccated cococut, dried linen,
Taste: White chocolate, tinned peaches, apple syrup, dry cereal, crepes

French Patisserie in a Bluebell Wood 7.78 (Longmorn) 53.6% Aged 20YO:
Nose: Penny toffee chews, hints of fresh lavender, red fruits Special K bar, dried cherries and cranberries
Taste: Smooshy Bananas, banoffee pie, pink refreshers, fizzy, digestives, dried lavender

Stunning 82.19 (Glencadem) 55.7% Aged 13YO:
Nose: homemade truffles, cola cubes, plump ripe plums, bramble jam, old port, walnuts and coffee syrup
Taste: bitter cooking apples, walnut whip, rubber sole, old dusty wood, black coffee, old style whisky…

Glazed Cashews & Lemon Lollies 27.97 (Springbank) 57.6% Aged 13YO:
Nose: Sugar dusted roasted nuts, smooth caramel, burnt crust, melted butter, butter icing, cracked leather
Taste: slight sulphur, struck match, salty sweetness, freshly squeezed lemons, light runny toffee

Unmistakable Islay 53.172 (Coal Ila) 52.2% Aged 21YO:
Nose: sweet peat, honey glazed ribs, BBQ smoke, sticky BBQ sauce, garden herbs
Taste: sun baked pavements, bleach, burnt crackling, bacon crisps, honey bacon, icing sugar dust

Five VERY different drams, a true reflection of what to expect at the Society.

My tasting table was bursting with chat by the time we got to the 53.172 and eventually we all discussed our favorites, it truely was a varied opinion.  I loved the Longmorn, Julie from Glasgow’s Whisky Club preferred the Coal Ila, Peter from Glasgow’s Whisky Club raved about the Springbank, David from Glen Untitled found his preference was also the Springbank and Angus from Mulberrybank Whisky Auctions appreciated the dark and dustiness of the Glencadam.

Great night and fabulous company.

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