Blended Whisky of the Month – November 2008

The Famous Grouse

This Whisky named after the famous game bird (that hates the month of August) which resides amongst the moors and heathers of our fair land.

This blended Whisky uses the skills of Matthew Gloag and Son (a business that was founded away back in 1800) to marry many malt whiskies, with many exceptional names like, the Macallan and the wonderful Highland Park to name but two.

A smooth blend although not overpowering with any one flavour (and as the delightful Catherine, Dougies wife) would say “one of my most favourite ‘cooking’ whiskies“.  Which really sums up The Famous Grouse it is good, not spectacular.

There are many blends not as good but a few that are better.  Would the Whisky Boys drink it? of course we would. We would not be embarrassed serving it and would not complain if given to us at a party, or visiting friends or neighbours. Would the Whisky Boys keep some in their cabinets? yes, as we believe we would not be skimping or miserable by serving the Grouse.

The Famous Grouse Experience

This is a good half/full day out on the outskirts of the Perthshire town of Creiff, the Experience is in the home of Scotland’s oldest distillery “Glenturret”, and houses many attractions including:

  • Restaurant and bar
  • Fully stocked shop
  • Nosing and tasting bar
  • The flight of the grouse, an award winning show,
  • ‘take off’ on a sightseeing tour of Scotland and her landmarks
  • Distillery tour , there are three different tours ranging from half an hour up to just over one hour.
  • Take a walk around the grounds of the distillery in the beautiful Perthshire countryside (brilliant).

On a slightly different note we can move on to “Towser” the distillery cat. A  long-haired tortoiseshell girl.  This Guinness record book cat has its statue situated at the foot of the ramp leading up to the shop and bar etc.

This cat was born in April 1963 and died early in 1987 (now that’s an old cat) and it is said to have killed in its lifetime a staggering 28,899 mice (give or take one or two).

One or two questions

  • Was she on a salary?
  • Did she get paid by the mouse count?
  • Was she in the Feline Union?
  • Was she a member of BUPA?
  • Did she pay tax?
  • Was she buried, if so where?
  • Was she married and did she have any kittens?

the questions go on and on?

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