Blended Whisky of the Month – May 2010

Blended Whisky of the Month – May 2010

Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky Original 40% Alc/vol.bells-whisky

Arthur Bell & Sons,
EH12 9DT.

Owners, Diageo

This is a blended Scotch Whisky which includes some of the finest Malt’s from Glenkinchie, Caol Ila, Inchgower, Dufftown and of course Blair Athol, the home of this grand dram.

As many as 40 of the grandest malt and grain Whiskies are matured in oak casks, then blended to give you Bell’s Original.

Bell’s is one of Scotland’s best selling blends (and maybe the top seller) and is a big hit in South Africa, Spain and Brazil,

Every one has at one time or another seen a Bell’s Decanter which are very collectable and all you need to do is go onto E-bay or indeed you local specialist Whisky Shop or on line to sites like The Whisky Exchange These decanters first appeared in the 1930s but, from 1988 they are now only being produced at Christmas time each year.

Jim and Dougie usually have a bottle or two of this blend in their cabinets, because sometime’s it is nice to just enjoy a wee dram this is just pleasant to sip with no great need to dissect it like you would with a powerful or complex single Malt.

For the record Jim was in Morrison’s supermarket in Falkirk the other day and guess what? they had on offer litre size bottles of Bell’s for the only £13.00. Jim did two things first, bought three litres and second texted Dougie to tell him the good news.

There is no problem with availability as every supermarket and corner off sales will be able to sell you a bottle or two, and when purchasing one please tell them the Whisky Boys sent you.

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