Malt Whisky of the month – November 2008

Bruichladdich Rocks

Bruichladdich Distillery
on the Atlantic Island of Islay is where master distiller Jim McEwan created this wonderful dram, as the name suggests Rocks have something to do with this Whisky.

The purest of pure Islay water was filtered through rocks that are 1800 million years old (give or take a week or two) and it is said that these rocks are the oldest in the Whisky industry, worldwide (not just Scotch), what a pedigree so far and we are only at the water stage.

The barrels that Jim McEwan chose to age this malt whisky were French red wine casks (by the way did I mention that Jim has been distiller of the year, on three separate occasions).

As I am very biased in favour of all things Islay especially their Whiskies I may not be the best person to give an open and frank opinion on this malt. (it is fabulous sweet, spicy with a hint of vanilla, its colour deep amber and depending on the light you would swear there was a hint of red coming from the wine casks, my cabinet always has at least one of all the Islay malts in it at any one time) Therefore, as far as tasting notes go I may leave this to Dougie who might not be as biased as I am.

Bruichladdich is one of the very few independently owned distilleries in Scotland and I can say honestly one of the best, with a complete and complex range of malts.  Their shop at the distillery is a treasure chest of gifts, malts, clothing and a kind welcome to all from their courteous and knowledgeable staff.

Last year, May 2007 my wife and I plus two old friends from America (Detroit) were lucky enough to be there when the owners/directors of Bruichladdich cut the first sod in the rebuilding of the Port Charlotte Distillery,
where the had brought over a pipe band from Canada to help with the celebrations.

That event carried on to the open day at Bruichladdich where many malts were downed and many friends made.

Bruichladdichs hospitality was fantastic, the sun shone, the crowds laughed and listened to the wonderful pipes and drums plus highland dancers doing there stuff.  My favourite and still is “Celtic Spirit” and if you get a chance buy the CD.

So we have a great malt from Bruichladdich 43% Alc/Vol one of the great distilleries of the world, and because of the French influence (red wine casks) instead of taking your dram with a little water, on this occasion you may add a little ice.

I do not apologise for ranting on about Islay and all its Whiskies but if you have visited Islay and spent some time getting to know the island and the people then you also would say “canny wait, until the next time”.

This Whisky is readily available in most supermarkets and in all good Whisky shops.

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