A New Direction for the Whisky Boys – Part 1

On this fine night the Whisky Boys were trying to prove their worth at wine tasting.

Jim could not hold back, and downed the whites within 10 minutes.  The reds were being demolished in hot pursuit.  Dougie on the other hand kept tasting, in all seriousness, constantly declaring that he did not have much of a clue due to the fact that they all tasted much the same.

Out of  nine wines only two were white, and both the Whisky Boys worked out which was which.  Overall Jim won this part of the competition by guessing all of three.

After an extensive session of sampling, we approached the question and answer part of the evening and Jim is now bragging about his expertise knowledge in the field of wine tasting. While Dougie is still swilling the wine around his palate trying to decide whats fruity and what was spicy which resulting in a wider and grander smile as the evening went on.

As the evening grew so did the volume, not only in wine, but in decibels, until the final results filtered through.

Oh – just saw Dougie having second thoughts about his choices – OR did he see Jim’s choices – nope – he is now blaming his taste buds are changing……..  Jim seems to be using the reds as a new kind of mouth wash, Dougie on the other hand has achieved many facial expressions which all give the impression of a really bad smell.  I think he is struggling.

Drum roll:

I, Catherine, got 4 right by guessing

Dougie came in second last with 6

Jackie, came in next with eight

Oh No – here comes the winner – Jim

Its Jim – we will never hear the end of this from him.  It has been a sad outcome of this night of booze in 2008 history.

Catherine (Dougies Wife)

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