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Whisky Live Competition Winner 1

Whisky Live Competition Winner

Congratulations to winner of the Whisky Boys Whisky Live 2011 Competition. At the start of the month we gave our readers the chance to win a pair of Full Day and...

Whisky Live Competition 0

Whisky Live Competition

We have something special for all our readers, a chance to win a pair of Full Day and Blending Room class entrance tickets.whisky-live-glasgow-2011

All you have to do is to answer this simple question.

Whisky Live – Glasgow 2010 0

Whisky Live – Glasgow 2010

Whisky Live Glasgow – The Boys are making there third visit. It’s back, Whisky Live Glasgow and being held in The Thistle Ballroom, Glasgow on Saturday September 11th 2010 and will...

Whisky Live – Glasgow 2008 Reviewed by Dougie 0

Whisky Live – Glasgow 2008 Reviewed by Dougie

The Whisky Boys had a great time at Whisky Live – Glasgow 2008. Sauntering round Whisky Live on Saturday was just a matter of starting at the entrance and working your...

Whisky Live – Glasgow 2008 1

Whisky Live – Glasgow 2008

Whisky Live – Glasgow 2008 Saturday 1st November 2008 the second and last day of the this annual event. The Whisky Boys (Jim, Dougie and Nicola) dressed in our new polo...