Whisky Live Competition Winner

Congratulations to winner of the Whisky Boys Whisky Live 2011 Competition.

At the start of the month we gave our readers the chance to win a pair of Full Day and Blending Room class entrance tickets at Whisky Live 2011.   All we asked was that you answer the following question:

Which Masterclass at Whisky Live Glasgow has analysis drawn from the Whisky Magazine Index ?

We were delighted with the response we got from our readers and we are glad to announce the following Whisky Boy reader has won:

Eddie Grant

Congratulations to Eddie for correctly answering:

“The worlds most collectable Islay malts”

Whisky Boys Jim & Nicola will be in touch soon to make arrangements for the tickets being collected on Saturday and if possible, get a photo for the website.

Once again, thank you to all the readers who replied and Congratulations to our winner Eddie Grant.

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