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Whisky Live – Glasgow 2010 0

Whisky Live – Glasgow 2010

Whisky Live Glasgow – The Boys are making there third visit. It’s back, Whisky Live Glasgow and being held in The Thistle Ballroom, Glasgow on Saturday September 11th 2010 and will...

Whisky Boy Jim goes to Ireland 0

Whisky Boy Jim goes to Ireland

Whisky Boy Jim goes to Ireland. From some of Jim’s previous blogs you can read about his visit to Kilbeggan Distillery ( the highlight of the trip) and his recent tasting...

Whisky or Whiskey ???? 0

Whisky or Whiskey ????

Where did the Irish get the Eeeeeeeeeeeee from ???   Now here is the question, where did the Irish get the “E” in Whiskey from?   As you may have gathered from previous...

Whisky Books 1

Whisky Books

The Whisky Boys have a few books that they use for reference and we thought we would share them with you and tell you about our favourites.