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Whisky Booksmichael-jacksons-malt-whisky-companion-6th-edition2

The Whisky Boys have a few books that they use for reference and we thought we would share them with you and tell you about our favourites.

1.  Michael Jacksons Malt Whisky Companion 6th Edition.

2.  Malt Whisky Yearbook 2010 Edition.malt-whisky-yearbook-20102

3.  Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2010 Edition.

4.  Whisky by Marc A. Hoffmann.

 5.  Whisky The Water of Life – Uisge Beatha by Helen Arthur.

(Jim also buys Scottish Field magazine every month as it always has a section or two on Whisky)jim-murrays-whisky-bible-20101

The last two books above are large pictorial books giving basic but very readable and enjoyable journey’s through most of the famous Whiskies and Distilleries from around the world.

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible is one man’s personal tasting reviews of Whiskies from all around the world, but with no real information about the Distilleries, but quite a good reference book.

Michael Jackson’s book is getting better with each edition, more and more facts and details about Whisky, Distilwhisky-by-marc-a-hoffmann2leries and independent bottlers.

But the Whisky Boys think that the Malt Whisky Yearbook is our favourite, it is packed full of facts and statistics, even a section about distilleries gone but certainly not forgotten. So if you were only to have one Whisky reference book, this is it.

So the Whisky Boys use the first three of the above as their main reference books, but we usually go direct onliwhisky-the-water-of-life-by-helen-arthur1ne to the distilleries or independent bottles if we want to get bang up to date information.
If you know of any Whisky books that may be of interest to us, drop us an email and let us know.

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