Kuchh Nai Whisky – Do you have the answers ??

Kuch Nai Whisky – Do you have the answers ??

This bottle of blended Scotch Whisky is cooking up quite a storm with our readers, but we can’t seem to find many answers for all the questions we have been receiving….

Information about this Whisky is pretty scarce. Does anyone know what malts and grain Whiskies are in a bottle? or Why is it proving to be so illusive?

Kuchh Nai has a facebook page BUT there is no information on there about the Whisky, come on, the bottling company (whoever you are) must have some information.

Our Whisky Tasting – Kuchh Nai De Luxe Blended Scotch Whisky seems to be a very popular post.

Tkuchh-nai-whisky-and-bunty-owner-of-cafe-spice-in-cumbernauld1his Whisky itself appears to be marketed solely for the Indian Market, here in the UK and abroad so why is it so hard to find out about it and to obtain a bottle or two?

Whisky Boys needs you, mainly Where is it bottled and by whom and What malts and grains are in a bottle? and Why is it a secret?

So help the Whisky Boys and give us some answers, (if you have any).

We do know of one fine dining establishment that has Kuchh Nai in their gantry, Cafe Spice in Cumbernauld.  The owner Bunty was kind enough to have introduced the Whisky Boys to this dram, pictured here with one of his bottles:

If anyone out there is in the Cumbernauld area pop into Cafe Spice and enjoy a great meal and finish it off with a wee dram of Kuchh Nai  –  remember and tell Bunty the Whisky Boys sent you!!

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5 Responses

  1. jora says:

    kuchh nai whisky all i know is that this whisky is supplied by drinks enterprice cash &carry which is in southall u can buy as many case from them and there phone no. is 02088936000

  2. pankaj says:

    Kuchh Nai is manufactured and bottled in England itself…. It’s good blended Scotch Whisky

  3. stephen says:

    Flat ginger ale with a drizzle of sugar syrup. No finish.

    It does have a bit of stone – reminiscent of Ballantine’s – but otherwise this is not Whisky.

    The most interesting thing about this drink is “What to do with what’s left of the bottle?” Maybe an ingredient of a desperate punch? It needs ice at least, but it will give you a hangover.

  4. Krishan says:

    In India, when you go calling on somebody, you are politely asked if you’ll have a cold or hot drink or a tot of whisky etc. Equally politely, in order not to put your host to any trouble, you say ‘Kuchh Nahi’ meaning ‘nothing at all’.
    Someone with a sense of humour has produced an answer. When Kuchh Nahin whisky is produced, there is laughter and smiles all round and a shot of whisky is happily accepted. After all, you wanted kuchh nahin and kuchh nahin has been produced, eh.

  5. Vikas says:

    No hit after 3 good pegs,my b’day party spoils,I m not. Very good drinker thought it ll hit nd I ll enjoy my dinner but in vail no effect nd my party ruins the party blash.so never Kuchh Nai for party.

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