Rosebank Distillery – Falkirk

With the rebuilding of this iconic Lowland Distillery nearing and opening later this year. I have the latest press release and details of the new distillery manager Malcolm Rennie, who joins ther distillery with 35 years of experience.

As I live 5 miles from the distillery and is on my main route into Falkirk town centre., it has been a joy to watch the construction slowly take shape.

The recent press release:-


  • Malcolm Rennie joins Ian Macleod Distillers with 35 years of whisky experience  
  • Rennie has worked with Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, Glen Moray, Lochlea and many more  
  • The news comes as the distillery reveals late summer completion  

Rosebank Lowland Single Malt Whisky has announced the arrival of a new Distillery Manager ahead of the site opening later this year. Malcolm Rennie joins with 35 years of distilling expertise, spanning the length and breadth of Scotland – from Ayrshire to Islay.  

Most recently, Rennie has helped bring a whisky brand to life, opening Ayrshire’s new Lochlea Distillery. Malcolm was there for every step in the process, from a field of barley on Lochlea Farm, all the way through to having a mature 3 year old whisky.  

He’s also no stranger to reviving a sleeping giant after helping to reopen the Annandale Distillery after 90 years. Over the course of his distinguished career, Rennie has had experience with a diverse range of brands and styles of whisky – from Islay’s peat-led Ardbeg, to Speyside’s rich and fruity Glen Moray.  

As Rosebank Distillery Manager, Malcolm will use his vast experience overseeing the entire production process – from the first trickle of new make spirit through the stills, to cask selection and maturation. He will work with Ian Macleod Distillers’ Group Distillation Manager, Robbie Hughes, and Malt Master, John Glass.  

Commenting on the new role,

Malcolm Rennie said: “Rosebank is an iconic distillery, so it is an absolute honour to be given the opportunity to help bring it back to life.”  

The whisky is incredibly well-regarded in the industry because of its unique, and somewhat contradictory production process. The triple distillation gives you a light and fruity spirit, but then we run it through a worm-tub condenser which adds real body, texture and weight to the new-make.” 

“Beyond just the whisky, Rosebank represents the life and memories of the local Falkirk community. It’s a town with an intrinsic connection to the distillery – many of whom are reminded of the smells and sounds of whisky at the mere sight of the iconic chimney. 

Despite construction delays as a result of the pandemic, the distillery build has moved on apace in recent months, with production due to begin towards the end of summer.  

Externally, the eye-catching new sloping, stepped roof has nestled around the distillery’s 108ft chimney – rejuvenating an icon of the Falkirk skyline and connecting Rosebank’s past with its future.  

In terms of the production process, the mash tun has now been installed, as have the process tanks and mill and grist case. In the coming weeks, the three stills will also be delivered to the distillery, in a landmark moment for the brand’s revival.  

The stills have been meticulously crafted by expert coppersmiths, Forsyths, to the exact dimensions of those used on-site three decades ago, ensuring every step is taken to emulate the much-loved Lowland spirit of years gone by.  

Rennie continued: “Our ambition is to recreate that unctuous, floral spirit that everyone remembers and loves. With limited stocks remaining from the 90s, there’s no doubt it will be a challenge, but we won’t stop until we get that perfect Rosebank balance correct.”  

Looking forward to seeing the completed distillery and hopefully a wee tour.

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