Classic Distillery Prints

Here at Whisky Boys HQ I have a series of six signed and numbered Limited Edition distillery prints by Alfred Daniels. My plan over the next week or so is to select two and write a little about each print and the distillery.

My first choice of prints is for the distillery Strathisla. Owned by Chivas Brothers (Pernod Ricard) This classic distillery with its two pagodas and water wheel is the ancestral home to Chivas Brothers famous blends. They also do a Strathisla 12 Year Old Single Malt.

In 1942 Jay Pomeroy acquired a majority shareholding but due to underhand business shenanagins he was jailed and the distillery went bankrupt in 1949.

The Distillery goes to auction and along comes Chivas Brothers who buys the distillery for £71,000 and they begin restoration. 

This is one of my all time  favourite distilleries from its fine visitor centre and tasting room to its very quirky still room. This distillery offers a grand selection of tours and tasting experiences together with a well stocked shop selling all manners of Whisky, related gifts and a full selection of Chivas Regal blends and a wide choice of bottling’s from her sister distilleries in Speyside.

I do enjoy my collection of prints, I love the style Alfred Daniels has created. This print clearly shows the twin pagodas and the waterwheel nestled below. While I am writing this little article I am enjoying a Chivas Regal 13 year old – delightful.

My next print depicts another iconic distillery, The Glenlivet. In 1817 George Smith inherited the farm distillery from his father Andrew. Andrew Smith has been distilling on this site since 1774. 

In and around Glenlivet has always been famous for its Whisky smuggling houses that were scattered on every rill, all over the mountain glens. Sounds like great fun but I do expect it was very hard work and evading the Excise men could not be easy.

But today this distillery has a production capable of excess in 21,000,000 litres of spirit per year. The distillery is in the careful hands of Master Distiller Alan Winchester who has been at the distillery for more than 25 years. Under Alan is a team of 16 within the production areas.

Alfred’s print shows a very busy working distillery with Scotland’s famous highland cattle in the foreground.

My favourite dram form The Glenlivet distillery is the Glenlivet 15 year old. It has a luxurious, rich and creamy nose with loads of fruit, nuts and vanilla on my palate with a long lingering finish.

Hope you like my prints look out for another two coming soon.

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