Rebel Yell French Barrel Special Finish

This is the first outing for this brand outside the USA. It is a straight bourbon that has had a final maturation of 6 months in toasted French oak wine barrels. These are expected to arrive in the UK October this year.

Let’s now have a wee taste.

Rebel Yell French Barrel Special Finish, Kentucky Straight Bourbon 45% Alc/vol 70cl 

ColourDoor knocker brass

Nose…Very easy on the nose, we imagined a homely American kitchen, toffee popcorn, pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream sprinkled with a slight dusting of cinnamon.

Taste…Ultra sweet and chewy, more cinnamon, dark chocolate chip cookies, oaky spice is well in command, with a teardrop of water you get a hedonistic profusion of tropical fruits, now in comes sweetened coffee, it is truly a  fruity, thick and syrupy dram.

Finish…A medium finish, the notes that linger are, oak, spices and chocolate all in perfect harmony.

I am not usually a bourbon lover but, this is a surprising dram sweet and quite delicate overall. can be sipped neat but with that teardrop of water it opens up a plethora of flavours.  When released i9t is expected to sell for around the £30 mark for a 70 cl bottle.

I would be quite happy sipping this as is and it would be ideal in an Old Fashioned cocktail.

Look out for this bottle in the coming months, get yourself a bottle you will not be disappointed.

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