Gordon & MacPhail unveils oldest Longmorn Single Malts ever released

“Twin” Longmorn Whiskies selected by identical twins from Gordon & MacPhail’s owning family

Single malt Scotch whisky creator Gordon & MacPhail is releasing two decanters as part of its ‘Private Collection’, single cask releases personally selected by members of the family that owns the company.

The ‘twin’ whiskies – the oldest Longmorn single malts ever released – were selected for bottling by identical twin brothers Stuart and Richard Urquhart from stock originally laid down to mature by their grandfather George Urquhart in 1961.

Sold as a pair, only 97 sets of twin decanters are available worldwide with a UK recommended sales price (RRP) of £30,000. Both single malts were matured in first fill Sherry hogsheads and bottled at cask strength. Richard Urquhart’s whisky from the European Oak Cask 508 was bottled at 45% abv, while the whisky from American Oak Cask 512, selected by Stuart Urquhart, was bottled at 40.8% abv.

Each individually numbered hand-blown decanter of Longmorn is beautifully presented in award-winning packaging, which includes a book written by renowned writer and rare whisky specialist, Jonny McCormick, along with a personally signed certificate of authenticity from each brother.

The Longmorn twin casks offer a unique opportunity to explore the effects of different oak types on spirit during maturation.

The whisky selected by Richard Urquhart, nurtured in European Oak, is mahogany with red highlights; it has a rich, abundant nose, with complex aromatic flavours and perfumed top notes.

The whisky selected by Stuart Urquhart is slightly lighter in colour, rich chestnut with ruby and amber highlights. Matured in American Oak, it is sweeter on the nose and fruity on the palate with notes of black cherry, raspberry, and dried vanilla.

Stephen Rankin, Gordon & MacPhail’s Director of Prestige, fourth generation member of the Urquhart family and himself a father of twins, said: “This is a unique and exclusive opportunity to taste a remarkable piece of Scotland’s liquid history. Owners of these twin decanters will be able to explore the similarities and nuances of the oldest Longmorn single malt Scotch whiskies ever bottled.”


Now I have the distinct pleasure of tasting these old Longmorn whiskies.

Longmorn 1961, Cask Number 508, Distilled 2nd February 1961 – Bottled 2nd February 2018, 57 Years Old, First Fill Sherry European Oak Hogshead, 45% Alc/vol.

Colour…Deep rich amber

Nose… I have Summer in a glass, fragrant sandlewood, I get lovely oranges and strawberry tarts, sherry soaked raisins, dried cranberries, crushed almonds.

Taste… It all starts with a little spicyness and then you go swimming in a Marsala trifle, dried orange peel, with the slightest teardrop of water in came the rum and raisin chocolate brownies and raspberry almond/vanilla fudge cake, my palate is so enjoying the flavours from this well aged Longmorn.

Finish… A long lingering delight with the fruityness and a creamy mouth feel being in charge.


Longmorn 1961, Cask Number 512, Distilled 2nd February 1961 – Bottled 2nd February 2018, 57 Years Old, First Fill Sherry American Oak Hogshead, 40.8% Alc/vol.

Colour…Polished rosewood

Nose… Vanilla is first to show, a succulent, sweet seductive aroma drew me deeper and deeper into the glass, no escaping the chewy fruity wine gums.

Taste… Clean and fresh, orange slices steeped in Grand Marnier, velvety sweetness, Medjool dates and raisin lavishly coated with opulent dark chocolate.

Finish… The finish encapsulated chocolate orange with a hint of burnt toffee served on an oak cask stave, moments of serenity and delight with a deliciously long finish.

Well, well, well it is not every day here at Whisky Boys HQ do I get a chance to taste something as rare as this 1961 Longmorn. Both delightful, both different and if I was asked to choose my favourite, I would decline to answer. Both were fantastic in their own distinctive way. A beautiful triumph from the house of Gordon & MacPhail.

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