Shackleton Whisky goes Stateside

For many months now the Shackleton Whisky blended by the Master Blender Richard Paterson has been on sale and it appears to be going down well with Whisky drinkers and collectors.shackleton-whisky

The official U.S. launch is next Thursday, November 10th 2011 and we would expect that Richard will be in full charge of this impressive and challenging launch.

You can search ”Shackleton“ on our home page where you will find some articles and The Whisky Boys tasting notes.

We are in the process of giving out our awards for 2011 and Whyte and Mackay products are in there, with The Thirteen up there for best premium blend.

If you have a little spare time visit for all the trials and tribulations of the Shackleton Whisky and the lengths that Richard Paterson went to to recreating this Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Blended Whisky.

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