Shackleton’s Whisky – Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Shackleton’s Whisky – Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, 47.3% Alc/vol 70cl

It is early on the evening of Sunday the 1st of May and the sun is shining, Nicola has just arrived and our intention of the night is to open the sample of the Shackelton Whisky our friends at Whyte & Mackay sent to us for us to taste and review.

This replica blended by the Master Blender Richard Paterson (aka THE NOSE) is going to be a collector’s Whisky. Richard took many weeks in his quest to recreate this 100 year old dram.  He has blended many a Highland Malt and included some Glen Mhor which was Mackinley’s Distillery and sadly closed in 1983.

Please visit to get all the details of this fabulous find and everything that Richard Paterson is up to, including his story of the Shackleton Whisky.


Colour…Pale lemon marmalade

Nicola’s tasting

Nose…Vanilla nougat, nutty and spicy but sugary sweet and fruity.

Taste…Smoky undertones, smooth as velvet, nuts and smoke, beautifully harmonised.

Finish…Not too long but smooth.

Score…4 Corks

Jim’s tasting

Nose…Certainly not harsh, lots of fresh fruit and a wee flicker of smoke.

Taste…Warming and smooth, a touch of pepper and a wee hint of dark chocolate, there is still a little delightful smoke, such an elegant dram it should be in an ermine gown.

Finish…Medium finish but leaves a glow throughout my palate.

Score…4 Corks

Overall score…4 Corks

A rich and elegant blended dram and as we would expect from Richard Paterson, a true likeness of the original blend that Shackleton took to the South Pole. The Whisky Boys are surprised that there were three cases left to the elements and not considered a priority when they all departed the Antarctic station.

There are only 50,000 bottles available to buy and you should be able to get one at your specialist Whisky shop or using the window below:

This should be an opportunity for the collectors out there to buy two bottles, one to drink and savour and the other for your collection. To finish, well done to Richard Paterson and all at Whyte and Mackay,

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7 Responses

  1. Catherine Cecil Westberg says:

    Could you please send my the cost and information about the Shackleton Whiskey in US dollars. I watched the National Geographic program and I have always been interested in Shackleton’s expeditions. Thank you for your time.
    Catherine Cecil Westberg

  2. Diane Davis says:

    Could you please provide cost and information about the Shackleton Whiskey in Australian Dollars. I am most interested in obtaining a bottle or two. Thank you and cheers from down under

    Diane Davis

  3. NancyS says:

    Can you please provide price in US dollars for Shackleton’s MacKinley’s old malt? thanks.

  4. Hugenoot says:

    I have just ONE wooden box with the sealed bottle, booklets, etc.

    This is something I privately own and I have thought to make it available to any collector of rare and good whiskies.

    A very limited edition already sold out, this rare, fine whiskey is sought after by collectors. It will do any whiskey lover’s display cabinet proud but it also may be a sound little financial investment that could return good profits over time.

    Securely packaged in its wooden case, this rare bottle of prime Scotch whiskey comes with a facsimile of the original order placed by Sir Ernest Shackleton and also a booklet relating the history of his adventure and the eventual discovery of the whiskey left in the ice around 1907-1909. The bottle is still sealed hand we have not even removed it from its wooden packaging.

    If someone makes me a reasonable offer, I will courier this to any address internationally via Rennies, DHL or similar freight company, optional to the selling price. This is limited to the one item I own and cannot be repeated. It is on offer especially to true whiskey lovers and collectors. at gmail dot com

  5. Rachel says:

    Would love to have information on this so I could purchase a bottle. Looks like it would be a beautiful addition to my collection!

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