The Scotch Malt Whisky Society – Wigtown Book Festival, Day 3

Our final day in Wigtown and ahead of us is a noon sell out tasting for 20 in The Living Room Tent,’Whisky’s Surprise Packages’ This was a more intimate tasting with 1/2 members attending and three fine Whiskies to be savored including a different Bladnoch which the locals were very interested in and asked many questions.

From previous experience when a local distillery is being showcased the group tend to be far more interested and ask many more questionswigtown4. So having the Bladnoch dram it got Nicola and I all chatting about whisky, the distillery and the Society. Again bottles and memberships sold.

We both think that is was very important for the Society to have a presence at this event when they are the Principal Supporter.

As an overview the event was very successful and Nicola and I enjoyed imparting some of our whisky knowledge and experiences. It is always a joy to meet a diverse group of people with a like minded interest in whisky. We both get satisfaction on having assisted the groups on there whisky journey.

We would like to thank the Society on choosing us to represent them at this grand event.

Hopefully the Society will get more involved in this type of event up and down the country.

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