Remarkable Malts Twitter Tasting – Douglas Laing

Last night twitter was a wash with Whisky tasting notes of Douglas Laings new range, Remarkable Malts. The four Whiskies that make up the Remarkable Malts are:

  • Big Peat Islay Malt at 46% strength
  • Scallywag Speyside Malt at 46% strength
  • Timorous Beastie Highland Malt at 46.8% strength
  • Rock Oyster Island Malt at 46.8% strength

7pm on the dot the tasting was kicked off by Douglas Laing Global Malt Ambassador Jan Beckers.  Below are my tasting notes from the night:

  • a few drams to pour tonight for the #remarkablemalts twitter tasting @RemarkableMalts @DLaingWhisky @WhiskyJan – ready when you are 😉
  • #RemarkableMalts @RemarkableMalts ready to pour 🙂 @DLaingWhisky
  • n: #timorousbeastie undeniable honey & cloves, maybe even a hint of green apples & hay, or is it overly sugared weetabix ##remarkablemalts
  • n: #timorousbeastie warmed up now, those malty notes are ripe, a little touch of burnt toffee & a smidge of xmas pud flame #RemarkableMalts
  • t: #timorousbeastie Russian caramel, toffee popcorn (warm), sugar roasted Brasil nuts, ginger crunch, hint of tiger balm #RemarkableMalts
  • #timorousbeastie love the taste so much more the nose had me fooled! #RemarkableMalts @DLaingWhisky @WhiskyJan @RemarkableMalts <3
  • n: #scallywag fresh sawn wood, gloopy vanilla toffee, cinnamon stewed apples, custard creme biscuit #RemarkableMalts @WhiskyJan
  • n: #scallywag developing now, touch of fruit cocktail in a can (including the tin can), overripe grapes & chocolate powder #RemarkableMalts
  • t: #scallywag thick rind marmalade, toasted hot cross buns, sugarless cinnamon swirl, dark choc #RemarkableMalts @RemarkableMalts
  • t: #scallywag softening in the glass to nutmeg and ginger soaked in cream soda #RemarkableMalts @RemarkableMalts
  • n: #rockoyster grease & oil, salted crackers, salted rim of a margarita glass with margarita in the glass #RemarkableMalts @RemarkableMalts
  • n: #rockoyster wet rope, salted almonds, cereal, beach ball, the end of the pier – it’s a seaside fair 😉 @RemarkableMalts #RemarkableMalts
  • t: #rockoyster sooty with a heap of salt, definitely not a thirst quencher, but then pops up the pears & honey, balanced #RemarkableMalts
  • Dick van Dyke as Bert the chimney sweep in Mary Poppinst: #rockoyster finishing with a nice level of Bertie Bassetts, BBQ cinders and salt #RemarkableMalts @RemarkableMalts
  • n: #bigpeat elastic, putty, burnt toast crusts, freshly laid road (tarmac), burnt caramel sauce #RemarkableMalts @RemarkableMalts
  • n: #bigpeat Bottle the smell of Bert from Mary Poppins, the same as Big Peat 😉 @RemarkableMalts #RemarkableMalts
  • t: #bigpeat strong tea, Elastoplast, mouth tingling / numbing, antiseptic, pepper hot, mustard grains #RemarkableMalts @RemarkableMalts
  • #RemarkableMalts order of preference 1. #RockOyster 2. #TimorousBeastie 3. #Scallywag 4. #BigPeat @RemarkableMalts – one for all occasions

NOTE:  there was chatter at the end of the Twitter Tasting that there is a Lowland Malt in the pipeline… watch this space.

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