Whisky Plans when the Current Crisis is over

When this crisis is over and the world get’s back to normal or as best it can. We all have to think about how important a hug is, trips outdoors and visiting family and friends. We also have to remember how beautiful Scotland and its Islands are.

So Whisky wife, Jacqueline and I have decided to spend the next 2 years travelling around Scotland and not even considering going abroad. Our trips might just be from a long weekend to a week or two tour and/or island hopping.

I am making some early plans of trips we must make.

Isle of Mull is high on our list and will include a wee visit to Tobermory Distillery.
A three/ four day trip to Shetland and Orkney with stop overs in Speyside on the trip North/South.

No doubt visiting the Shetland Gin Distilling Co and the two famous Distilleries on Orkney.

An area that Jacqueline and I have still to visit is Aberdeenshire, so a trip there is on the cards. 

Return visits that are a must are Campbeltown, Skye, Islay and the Scottish Borders. Glen Scotia and Springbank visits go without saying. If I only visit one distillery on Islay (but that wont happen) it will be Bruichladdich.

As you can guess many of these destinations have Distilleries over and above the ones mentioned above.

To all my Whisky friends and friends I still have to meet.  This time when we are all in lockdown is ideal to sit down and make plans for when we can all breath a sigh and with a bit of luck try very hard to bring back some normality back into all our lives.

During these times The Whisky Boys request that you all “Keep Safe”.

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