Clementine Whisky Sour

I got this little bottle from Whisky wife Jacqueline last Christmas and this Easter weekend I decided to open it and have a wee taste.

Marks & Spencer – Clementine Whisky Sour, 20% Alc/vol 35 cl

I have tasted many Whisky Sours in many bars in many countries. This one is by far the poorest.
This drink was made and bottled in France and the label says it contains 7% Scotch Whisky, to me this is an utter waste of Scotch.

On the nose I got a whiff of Lucozade and a dusty/fusty note. They suggest that you shake the bottle well and pour it over ice. This I did and then had a wee sip, not nice it had a strong citric acid taste with no taste of Whisky or alcohol.

Priced at under  £15.00  and I would suggest that you put another £5.00 to it and buy a Glen Moray Elgin Classic and make your own Whisky Sour.

My next plan is to drop off this bottle to Nicola for her to taste and let me know her opinions.

So anyone that pops into M&S and sees this bottle sitting on the shelf, walk on by. 

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