Aldi’s – Tasting Glen Orrin 30 Year Old Whisky – Revisited

Glen Orrin - Aldi's 30 Year Old WhiskyAldi has always taken pride on good quality value for money, and this addition to it’s Whisky range is no exception, a 30 Year Old Whisky for under £55 sounds exceptionally good to us.  Although it is £5 more expensive than last Christmas.
Re-released in early December to capitalise on the Christmas market, but expect this to sell out very quickly as stock are very limited.
Let’s taste

Glen Orrin –  30-Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky – £54.99, 70cl, 40% Alc/vol

The Tasting…

Colour: Bright amber
Nose: First to hit you is a sweet floral note, oranges stewing on the hob, sweet honey, cloves and a little chocolate dusted cinnamon bun
Taste: A wee bit bitter at first, then in comes some soft liquid honey, cherries, wood and vanilla touches, but it is not too complex, easy drinking with just a hint of sherry ginger spices
Finish: Sugar covered cottage garden flowers and the oranges are at the fore, medium

Score: 3 Corks.

You may remember we reviewed this dram last year when Aldi first released it, here are our notes of the Glen Orrin 30yo from 2012:
Glen Orrin Blended Scotch | 40% Vol | Aged 30YO | £49.99
Nose: Thick orange marmalade,  cherry cake, almonds, plump sultanas, honey cheerios, milk chocolate
Taste: Chocolate orange, cherry sponge, ginger bread man, weak coffee latte, sweet marshmallows
Finish: Medium and sugary sweet

This is a nice dram, not an exceptional one, but some people might like idea of trying a maturer Whisky for not too much.

The Whisky Boys do recommend that our readers pop down to their local Aldi and check out, not only their range of Whiskies, but also their wine and beer selections, there are some crackers there to be bought.

Already this year, Aldi’s beers, wines and spirits range has received 100 accolades from internationally recognised competitions, including 33 awards at the International Wine Challenge 2013, 35 awards at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2013 and 14 awards at the International Spirits Challenge 2013.

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  1. Austin says:

    Is this purely a drinking whisky, or is there any value to keeping the bottle intact? Will the value of this increase any, if at all?

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