Bunnahabhain – Through the Smoky Mist comes the Limited Release “Ceòbanach”

Bunnahabhain Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky has last month introduced a limited release expression to the range, Ceòbanach, inspired by life on Islay in the 1800s.

Ceòbanach (pronounced ‘kyaw-bin-och’), which means ‘smoky mist’ in Scots Gaelic, reflects the origins of Bunnahabhain, both the place and the single malt’s charming, complex character. Bunnahabhain Master Distiller, Ian MacMillan, took his inspiration from life on Islay in the 1800s, when the community was dependant on peat for warmth, fuel and trade. A time when smoke from the open fires mingled with the salty sea air to create a ‘smoky mist’ you could taste.

Ian MacMillan, Master Blender comments “With the new millennium I decided to turn back the clock and recreate the original Bunnahabhain. I have spent a decade regularly monitoring, nosing and tasting these Whiskies as they matured. I always envisaged that this product would be perfect around 10 years old and I certainly have not been disappointed. Although we could never fully replicate the original style of spirit produced at Bunnahabhain, Ceòbanach is as close as we could possibly hope for.”bunnahabhain-Ceòbanach

Alison Gibb, Global Marketing Manager at Burn Stewart, said: “This is an exciting release for Bunnahabhain, not only because of its limited availability, but because it reflects the history and heritage of our location and our unique single malt. Taking its inspiration from the distillery’s surroundings on Islay, the taste is rich, complex and distinctive.”

Bunnahabhain is Gaelic for “mouth of the river” and that river which flows into Bunnahabhain Bay is the Margadale River.


Bunnahabhain – Limited Release, Ceòbanach, Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Unchill-filtered, 46.3% Alc/vol

Colour…Whispering lemons

Nose…Fresh ocean spray, sweet smoke, oak and a hint of vanilla and a wee herbal note.
Taste…Rich and clean, oak panelling, fabulous sweet peat, crushed sea salt, gentle cooking fruit,a complex and the taste goes on and on.
Finish…Long, mouth filled with peat smoke from and Islay house chimney, sweet and juicy, just a delight, need to take another sip.

Score…4 Corks

I just loved this supreme Islay Malt from Bunnahabhain, it ticks all the right boxes, sweet, smokey, oaky, salty, complex, quite a superb dram.  I hope this is not to Limited as a bottle of this would sit nicely in the Whisky Boys cabinet.

Master Blender, Ian Macmillan and his team have created a fantastic dram, quite a triumph.  Nicola and I are looking forward to next Mays Feis Ile as booth of us will be there and Bunnahabhain Distilleries open day is one not to be missed, see you guys and gals then, cheers.

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