Two New Triple Matured Malts – A Royal Lochnagar and A Talisker

Here we are tonight with two new triple matured Single Malts from Diageo. These will only be available to The Friends of the Classic Malts.

The first release’s of this new series was in December 2013 with Royal Lochnagar and Talisker.

These drams have been aged in 3 different types of casks : Their initial maturation has been, conventionally, in refill casks. Next the liquids were transferred to charred American oak hogsheads, imparting spicy notes and a touch of sweet oak. To complete the conversation between spirit and oak, the Whiskies enjoyed a third maturation in European Oak refill casks which softened, mellowed and integrated the aromas and flavours.diageo

These limited editions are being made available in selected Western European markets and via online retailers exclusively to members of the Friends of the Classic Malts so a true reward for loyalty.

In addition, bottles will be available for purchase by personal visitors to the relevant distillery – though again, only to signed-up members of Friends of the Classic Malts, or to visitors who join during their visit. Whether purchased online or at the distillery, the bottles are priced at £80 and the equivalent in Euros, and sales are limited to two bottles per customer.

Lets open them up and have a wee tasting.

First up is:-

Royal Lochnagar – Unaged, Highland Single Malt, Triple Matured, 48% Alc/vol, 70 cl.

Colour…Polished Oak

Nose…Apples and new cut lawn take the lead here, oak, dried fruit with some Christmas spices, then in comes some hints of chocolate and honey.
Taste…Apples and the oak are in charge, a little pepper/chilli warmth, quite rich and smooth.
Finish…The oak and the dried fruit linger with the spices having a wee dance.Diageo-Exclusives

Score…3.5 Corks

This could quite easily be on our list when we do tastings, it is quite different but it shows all the right things, oak, apples, dried fruit and delicate spices.

Our second dram for tonight is:-

Talisker – Unaged, Highland Single Malt, Triple Matured, 48% Alc/vol, 70 cl.

Colour…Rich amber

Nose…Hints of gentle smoke, an Autumn allotment, oak shavings, a touch of soft fruit.
Taste…A wee citrus burst is first, then in comes a hint of white pepper, enjoying the great peaty smoke, it has a creaminess feel, love the sawn oak.
Finish…Smoke and pepper linger the longest, touch of chimney soot.

Score…4 Corks

A couple of belters tonight, the winner here is the Talisker, much more complex and Jim just loves the peaty/smoke.

Well done to all involved from the Master Distillers to the Stillmen.

These are only two of the expected five Triple Matured Whiskies coming out for the Friends of the Classic Malts.

Check out and join The Friends by visiting remember to tell them The Whisky Boys highly recommended it.

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