Ladies ONLY Please! – The Pot Still’s 2nd Whisky Tasting Evening

Wednesday saw the 2nd “Ladies Only Whisky Tasting” take place at the world famous Whisky pub in Glasgow “The Pot Still” – a favourite drinking den with ALL enthusiastic Glasgow Whisky drinkers and also with many tourists visiting Glasgow.  You need to see the gantry to beleive it…

On arrival at the Pot Still the tables were set, the ladies were arriving and the anticipation was growing to find out what Geraldine Murphy had in store for us.  It was quickly apparent that this tasting (being only the 2nd one) was to introduce a wide range of Whisky staples to non whisky drinking females.  I was extremely hopeful that many would be converted.

Once we were all settled Geraldine took centre stage and began with an introduction to the Scotch making process,  we then quickly moved onto the tasting. We had in front of us a great range of whiskies, chosen to showcase how different the flavors from distillery to distillery and also region to region could vary. Here they are:

There was also a Talisker new make spirit doing the rounds for a wee snufter…

I have to admit there were a few grimacing faces and wee “oh no’s” being muttered BUT all in all I think Geraldine did a fantastic job and she heard way more positive responses.  A few were unexpected, one taster LOVED the Talisker, however had never drank Whisky before.  But I think the firm favorite of the newbies was the Auchentoshan Three Wood, then the MacAllan Fine Oak.  I would agree these are fine drams to start your Whisky adventure with, offering characteristics of soft vanilla, toffee and butterscotch notes with only a tiny hint of smoke at the back.

But Lee (my fellow seasoned whisky drinker) and I favoured the Bunnahabhain 12 YO, the Auchentoshan Three wood and the Grants Ale Cask.

We finished off the evening with a Whisky cocktail, prepared by Sean from the bar.  It was called a Pinkerton, made with: Pikesville Straight Rye, Finnieston Whisky, orange bitters, still lemonade and fresh ginger.  It was sililar to a whisky sours but had a little more tang … delicious.

I hope The Pot Still continue with these evenings and I hope the ladies who went along on Wednesday continue on their Whisky journey, it will be great to watch their palates develop and mature to love and savor our national drink.

Well done Pot Still, see you soon.


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2 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    Fantastic evening! Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Nicola says:

    I am sure they will go from strength to strength – great work!

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