Bowmore’s got some new overcoats, plus three new expressions

Check out the new packaging that Bowmore have just introduced, as Jim is going over to Islay for the Whisky Festival this may he is hoping to bring back some delightful Bowmore expressions in their new overcoats.


Plus Three New Expressions Exclusive To Global Travel Retail

January 2012: Bowmore, the first Islay Single Maltwhisky, today proudly unveils brand new packaging for its entire domestic and global travel retail / duty free range – a premium gift box and refreshed bottle design which will be released in February 2012.

As it enters this new-look era, Bowmore has also announced three new additions exclusive to the global travel retail sector: 100 Degrees Proof, Springtide and the limited edition Bowmore 1983.bowmore-1983

This new high-quality carton is a bold move by Bowmore, one of the top ten selling Single Malts in the world, as it is a distinct modification from the traditional tube packaging and supports its premium brand positioning and strong brand personality. This exciting redesign follows a hugely successful 2011 performance with continued growth for the brand.

The changes are also in response to consumer demand for a greater level of education on the taste experience and the history of the whisky and as such the new packaging communicates the brand’s unique status as the first Islay Single Malt and its 200 years worth of experience and heritage.

The new look reinforces Bowmore’s ‘gift-ability’ as it features a greater level of foiling and gloss embossing thus creating shelf stand-out. The updated distillery illustration has a warmer and more emotive look and feel that strongly conveys the whisky’s roots, that is the magical island of Islay, giving category differentiation and shelf appeal. The design of the bottle has also been enhanced, with the label featuring a sleeker look to ensure back bar stand-out and differentiation.

Bowmore’s recent modifications have also improved the brand’s environmental credentials considerably. The new bottle is made of a lighter weight glass and the new cartons are completely recyclable, all of which significantly reduces the brand’s carbon footprint.

Kirsteen Beeston, Head of Brands at Morrison Bowmore Distillers, comments: “We are excited to be taking Bowmore into a new era with this new gift box and bottle design. This has been a key priority focus for us over the past year as we wanted to ensure the design not only better represents the brand’s core values but also develops a stronger, more defined brand personality that consumers can engage with. We hope that this exciting change will contribute to our continued growth.”

Inaddition to its current global travel retail/duty free range (Surf, Enigma 12 Years Old, Mariner 15 Years Old and 17 Years Old), Bowmore is also launching three new additions to the collection, which will be available from March 2012.

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