Bowmore Whisky – Dusk, Bordeaux (Claret) Wine Casked

Last Thursday 23rd April 2009 Jim walked two doors down to Dougies hoose, in Jim’s hand was a bottle of Bowmore Dusk, one of Jim’s recent purchases at the Auchentoshan Distillery. We were hoping for a wee tasting that might just be exceptional.

Bowmore Whisky – Dusk, Bordeaux (Claret) Wine Casked, 50% Alc/vol.

This little creation is obviously from:-

Bowmore Distillery. (Morrison Bowmore Distilleries Ltd.)bowmore-dusk
PA34 7JS

telephone 01496 810441


Dougie was given the task of opening this bottle, but prior to that we were very taken by the colour and the slight hint of deep red glittering through.

As always we sat down with tasting glasses and our water jug topped up, faces full of anticipation.

Colour…Bronze with ruby highlights.

Dougies tasting

Nose…First, a hit of claret followed by rich spice and sweet peat.

Taste…Rich with a spicy tingle and dry woodiness, then the peat shows through, lots of lip smacking flavours.

Finish…Very long, rich in fruit ending with a touch of peat and faint smoke.


Jim’s tasting

Nose…You just want to dive in, lightly peated smoke and very delicate.

Taste…Spicy fruit cake, smoke and a hint of vanilla, very, very complex, wonderful

Finish…Very long indeed, smokey, sweet with the sense of chewing a toffee.

We both agreed, one of our best tasting this year, and we can guarantee this great wee dram will feature in our next list of the Whisky Boys top ten.

It is with great regret that this Malt is no longer produced, but you can still find the odd bottle in some specialist Whisky shops and certainly in Auchentoshan’s shop, we suggest you run down their and buy a bottle or two, this is a nip you just do not want to miss.

Jim is going over to Islay at the end of May for the Whisky and Music festival and if the Bowmore Distillery shop has some Dusk, then one or two bottles will be coming home with him.

The Whisky Boys cannot stress highly enough for all you Whisky lovers out there, if you see a bottle for sale, please buy it. Once you have had a wee taste you can then contact the Whisky Boys and tell them how right they were in describing this wee malt as exceptional.

A pity this is no longer produced, has Bowmore any plans to produce something along the same lines as Dusk?

As always tell them all the Whisky Boys sent you.

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